Our Volunteers

Our Volunteers

Volunteers are at the heart of our service and have a key role in the support we provide to participants as they reintegrate into the community.

We support participants in a person centred way as they navigate the changes in their lives.

Volunteers will work with participants to access the support they need and face any challenges in a positive way.

Benefits of Volunteering

Opportunity to build and develop meaningful relationships in our community through connection and partnership working.

Be an integral part of Inverclyde Faith in Throughcare and help us to shape our work as we develop opportunities and support participants to take positive steps towards change in their lives.

Volunteers are provided with specialised training which is delivered by Faith in Community Scotland and are supported to access further training for own personal development.

Volunteer expenditure and travel costs covered.

Volunteering activities

Volunteers support staff to regularly connect with participants, providing emotional support and connection within the vision and aims of our charity.

We continue to support participants identify, understand and access services, statutory and third sector. We encourage building trust in relationships with others, to engage better with support and safely return to the community.

Volunteers support participants to stay connected, reducing any sense of isolation and we link them to a range of resources available in the community to help meet changing and practical needs.

Our passionate volunteers support participants to build resilience and empower individuals to realise their own potential to change and move away from a life of offending behaviour and the criminal justice system.

If you are interested in volunteering or want to know more about Inverclyde Faith in Throughcare, please contact our coordinator by:

Email to: [email protected] or phone on:07542149372

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