I have been Volunteering now for about 2 years .

 I first volunteered in Greenock prison in a ladies group and quickly realised when most of them came out of prison there would be no friends or family there to meet them on their Release from Prison. 

When I saw the Ifit article in the Telegraph I knew this Volunteering opportunity was so right for me . 

Being a volunteer for I fit is so rewarding. I attend Dutch Gable on a Monday where the participants meet we chat and at the moment we are doing a course together. I really enjoy also being matched up on a one to one support in a Befriending Role . 

The Participants are always so appreciative of the support they get and this makes me feel so good that I feel that Iam making a small difference in their life by just listening to them and helping them if they need any practical support . 

Iam so proud to be part of this Organisation and totally feel part of the team with the help of the 2 fantastic workers who are devoted to the charity.

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