Creative minds festival Beacon arts

Creative minds festival Beacon arts

A Great night was had by all at the Ifit events Soba Sesh Creative minds festival. 

Comedian Gary little was first up on stage and was right on form from the start, with his ability to leave everyone in stitches with his witty jokes and brilliant patter. We hope to get Gary back on stage in Greenock in the near future.

Here we Joe who brought his bangers and bingo to the event had everyone on their feet dancing, clapping their hands and singing to his bangers , if it wasnt a dance off for a football top, singing for a cash prize it was a competition to see who had the best legs in the building. 

Some of joes antics were hilarious he had everyone enjoying themselves while playing bingo.  

Robbie Murdoch played a few tracks also and had a Scotland Vs Ireland Dance off.

 Everyone seemed to have a great night. We look forward to working in partnership with the Beacon Arts Centre in the future.

We would like to thank the Beacon Arts centre, Gary Little, Here we Joe, Robbie Murdoch, The IFiT volunteers, Everyone who donated towards the prizes, Elizabeth Robertson, Robbie Miller and everyone who came to support us. Thank you all

We hope you all had a great night. Look out for future events with IFiT events

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